Many people would have thought no chance as soon as you had read the title of the blog, however does your courier have a right to know what your are sending is legal and safe?

In a perfect world we should all be able to send packages around the world easily and freely, some bad eggs have spoilt the idea of making it easy but we shall not get into that now.

Because of the actions of several people over the past few ‘years’ postal and courier companies all over the world are considering every packages content? Some global companies to have checks in places for international deliveries, however national couriers do not have anything in place, not even a sniffer dog. If you are sending a parcel though a same day courier should they have the right to check your package?

As a security risk unknown and un-trusted packages can/have caused some major incidents and disasters around the world, giving the powers to a courier or postal service could reduce the security risks of explosives, illegal goods and improve the security of your items. Courier services have many rules and regulations in place to insure you parcel gets to the right place at the right time with evidence of the journey, driver and time.

Would it be fair to assume that many courier services and drivers are not aware of what potential dangers goods they could be carrying? Giving couriers the powers to search is unlikely but a thought that should be pondered sensible as cutting crime and reducing security risks are two big issues we face in this day and age. With countries on red alert should the courier and postal industries be doing more to keep them selves and the world safer?

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